Pool arrangements
pan-music's pool of arrangements consists of over 150 arrangements ranging from an easy to a high level of difficulty, this in various styles of music (Soca, Calypso, Latin, Samba, Bossa, Rock'n'Roll, Pop, Jazz…) and for big formations and combos
An order consists of:
full score, single score of all parts, audio CD with a normal and a slower practice version
For an additional 10.00 CHF the arrangements are available with alphabetic symbols under the notation. Click here for a view. Download a sample of the scores in PDF format.

Full score Single score
Exklusive arrangements
If you are looking for something special that cannot be found on the list of arrangements, contact pan-music and get your favourite tune arranged just to suit your ideas for the instrumentation of your steel band (price on demand).
Special offers
Collections of arrangements are offered consisting of five arrangements per tape, suitable for school lessons and for those steel bands wanting to change and develop certain arrangements. Easy to intermediate level of difficulty (only full scores, CD with all tunes, no tempo practice).
Midi Files
You can also just obtain midi files as a download version and rearrange the pieces yourself (no notes, no tape or CD!). Reduction of price 50% per arrangement